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Can supplements help you heal your gut? Absolutely! But, supplements ALONE can not help you heal your gut. According to an article, ” If you’ve been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, supplements may help restore intestinal barrier function.”

Last week I had a lovely lady called Louise book in for a FREE 15-minute call and she said to me that she had been taking heaps of supplements for a long time and she felt her gut was still no better.

We talked about the symptoms that she was experiencing, and many of these you might find nodding and agreeing to some if not all of them. After all, hers were typical of what I hear over and over.

Weight gain, bad skin – acne which she hadn’t experienced since she was a teenager, hormonal changes – cranky, moody, teary, she was either full of gas or feeling bloated a lot of the time. She really felt stuck in this never-ending cycle.

I too have been stuck in that cycle and it sucks!

Thinking this supplement is going to be the answer to my prayers and it’s going to fix my gut and everything is going to be great again! (I want to make that BOPBOM noise here like when you get something wrong on a game show).

But the reality is, you can’t supplement your way out of a bad gut! And I am not saying that it won’t help because they absolutely will.

There is a process to healing your gut, and we need to focus on building up our microbiome before doing any killing.

To be honest I look at a lot of different things when I am assessing what is happening with your gut health.

I start with your gut and what is going on there. Is there toxicity in your body? Are your detoxification pathways open and working? Do you have inflammation?

Are you pooping daily, or are you getting your sweat on? Is your liver working properly to help you remove toxins? Are you peeing enough and not holding on all day because you are busy? (I see you all doing this)

What about parasites or other infections like SIBO or Helicobacter pylori to name a few?

Nutritional deficiencies? This one is a biggie.

And lastly what is your gut wall doing? Is it leaky?

Are you getting enough sleep? Without sleep repair is hard.

What is your food intake like? Are you feeding your gut the right amount of food and I am not just talking about quantity here but are you getting the diversity and variety that really will allow your gut to heal?

How’s your stress level? Are you getting some downtime every day?

Are you getting into nature or gardening to nurture the bacteria so it can thrive?

Don’t be fooled by all the bright shiny new gut health supplements that promise the world.

The way to get real, everlasting results, is to improve your consistency with these lifestyle and dietary tips I have suggested here.

Show up for yourself and do them every day.

After all, fixing your gut is really no different to learning to play a musical instrument. The more you show up and do the work the better you get.

Are you like Louise? Are you taking supplements with no visible or remarkable results?

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