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Hi, I’m Ange.

I have struggled with my digestive issues my whole life.

As a teenager I ate loads of junk food and my bowel completely shut down. I struggled to drink any water, my preferred drink was coke.

In my twenties I had a corporate job that just made my digestion worse, long hours, loads of stress, no relaxation time and I rarely ever ate a home cooked meal. I would be so busy during the day I would eat nothing then I would binge at night. No surprise that things weren’t working well.

After my 30th birthday and days after giving birth to my first child, I had a mysterious vomiting and stomach pains. I went to a few different doctors who diagnosed me with Irritable bowel syndrome. They listed my options as to take medication or just learn to live with it. I did take the medications for a while but they gave me violent diarrhoea so I still couldn’t leave the house so I decided I would give them a miss.

Sixteen months later after the birth of my second child it really cranked up a notch. I could be fine in the morning then I would get horrendous stomach pains and vomiting. The pain would be so crippling I would have to get my husband to come home from work as there was no way I could look after a new baby and a toddler.

After some urging from a friend of mine who was a doctor, she suggested I go back to the doctors and ask for specific tests. The next day I was rushed to hospital for an emergency gallbladder removal. I was assured that that was the cause of my problems and now everything would be normal. Yep the vomiting stopped and the nausea stopped but my digestion was far from normal.  It was worse than ever.

After the birth of baby number three I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to make sure I set a strong nutritional foundation. I changed the way we ate as a family and I exercised more and I did get some changes in my digestion.

I wanted to study Naturopathy but with three children under three and a husband that was always away on business I just dipped my toe in the water by studying herbal medicine, then I went on to study nutrition and then finally naturopathy.

What I have learnt on this journey is that it takes many aspects of health to get great health. It is not just about what you eat and how you move. It’s about bringing the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental practices into alignment that gives you digestive health.

I understand the pain, embarrassment, discomfit and mental anguish that these digestive complaints can cause. I can guarantee you that I will be with you every step of the way.

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