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Naturopathy is based around six foundational principles

• First do no harm
– the patients well being is always considered before treatment.
• The healing power of nature
– nature has an innate ability to heal itself and it strives to do this.
• Find and treat the cause
– the cause can be physical and emotional fixing the symptoms will not fix the problem.
• Treat the whole person
– all aspects of the patient are taken into consideration not just their disease state.
• The Physician is a teacher
– support the patient to gain an understanding of what is happening in their body and how they can maintain and achieve good health.
• Prevention is the best cure
– being optimally healthy will give the patient a better chance at resisting disease.

As a modern Naturopath, I combine scientific evidence and traditional wisdom when treating my patients. Naturopathy complements modern medicine by allowing us to get to the root cause of the illness.

My belief is that effective healthcare needs both modern and traditional medicine to thrive. Doctors have time constraints and are not able to give detailed dietary and lifestyle advice that’s where we work together to get favourable outcome for patients.

What does a Naturopath Do?

As a Naturopath, I help people discover what foods work for their body.
–  I order functional testing to find the root cause of their illness.
–  I use medicinal herbs and supplements support any current deficiencies but mostly,
–  I educate and support clients on a healthy lifestyle.

My commitment to my patients’ success is ongoing, but the real work comes from the patient to ensure they get the level of health and vitality they want.

My patients inspire me everyday with their commitment to get well and achieve their goals.

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