What your poo says about your health

Poo its something we all do but unless you are a 7 year old boy you rarely talk about it. It is a terrific indicator of what is happening with your health. Your number two is not only the left overs from the food we have eaten but much much more. You need to get it out of your body as its filled with [...]

What your poo says about your health2020-08-04T13:56:33+10:00

Do You Have Good Digestion?

I love when people come to me and I ask them my series of questions and then I get to the questions about their digestive health and they say my digestion is fine! Wow I think how is that possible you have all these chronic health problems.  Once we dig a bit deeper we get to the nitty gritty and discover signs and symptoms [...]

Do You Have Good Digestion?2020-08-04T16:10:37+10:00
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