Poo its something we all do but unless you are a 7 year old boy you rarely talk about it.

It is a terrific indicator of what is happening with your health. Your number two is not only the left overs from the food we have eaten but much much more. You need to get it out of your body as its filled with toxic substances. It is 75% water, indigestible fibre, gut bacteria (living and dead), intestinal lining,old cells, medications and oestrogen.

What qualities your poo has also gives us a big heads up to what’s happening inside us.

What to look for?

Colour: The colour of poo comes from the breakdown of red blood cells and bile. Melted chocolate is the best colour. Poo comes in many colours. This can be a result of what you have eaten or if you have a health condition. If it is not a brown colour get it checked by your doctor.

Sinker or floater: If it sinks it means that it has enough fibre and it’s not filled with gas. A floater is a sign of poor nutrient absorption and excess gas.

Smell: The smell should be a natural smell but this will depend on what you have eaten. Health conditions like Coeliacs disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic pancreatitis and malabsorption disorders can all make poo smell bad so get it checked out if overly smelly.

It should be an easy clean up, one wipe and its gone. You shouldn’t see food, (oh alright sometimes maybe corn.

Overall the call for a number two should be quick, efficient and a feeling like you are empty. It passes easily with no pain, no straining .

How often should you poo? Daily is the ideal goal and in a perfect world it would be food in, food out three times a day. Any less than once per day there is definitely transit time issues.

There are some things that can affect you poo; travel, dietary changes, sleep issues, changes to your normal routines, hormones surgery and stress.

You should always see your doctor if there is a change in your normal bowel habits and always look back before you flush.

Your life depends on it.

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