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Please could you tell me a bit about yourself and your business?

Once upon time, women knew the value of self-care. Taking not just moments, but time to nurture, nourish and care for their body, mind and soul. Deeply connected to the world around them these women would gather the goodness of nature to blend exquisite beauty treatments.

This has changed today, with the world a much faster paced place, women now have many priorities and commitments to juggle, so self care is often the first thing to get neglected.

Inspired by the ancient practices of women I too have blended a luxurious range of natural skincare products, each designed to reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

I want woman to fall back in love with themselves and find time for self care, in fact to prioritise time for themselves again, we deserve that as women!

What motivated/inspired you to create it?

I used to be a trusting consumer of commercial skincare products, just like most people. One day, I started to wonder how those products are made and what they contained. When I first started my research into skincare ingredients and studied labels of synthetic skincare products, I was absolutely shocked what I discovered.

There are ingredients in skincare products that are also used in anti-freeze and break fluid. Brands promoting their products to families and claim they are for sensitive skin but don’t use any ingredients that are beneficial for sensitive skin. A lot of sunscreens contain ingredients that promote ageing of the skin rather than protecting against it.

But I didn’t stop there. After my initial research on regular skincare products I went on to look further into so called ‘natural’ skincare products and I still discovered hidden nasties that are not only damaging to your skin but – even worse – your health.

In today’s world, many skincare products use selective “natural ingredient” or “natural actives” claims on their packaging; making consumers believe they are safe to use.

I wanted Embalm Skincare to be the brand that is 100% honest and transparent; with no hidden nasties so that my customers are completely confident that the products they put on their face and body are safe and won’t harm or threaten their health.

Embalm Skincare was born from my whole-hearted belief in the power of nature and driven by my desire, my passion to create a naturally gentle, hand-crafted alternative to mainstream products.

What is your brands mission?

My mission is to educate women all around Australia about the hidden nasties in skincare and cosmetic products. I want every Australian woman to move from synthetic to all natural skincare. I believe beauty shouldn’t harm anyone’s health.

Why is using natural ingredients on the skin important and beneficial?

While many beauty products on the market are effective at providing a “short-term fix”, the temporary improvements in appearance are often caused by a list of chemical ingredients that can be harmful in the long term.

Numerous chemicals, including parabens and heavy metals, can cause irritation and reactions in those who are sensitive, their long term use can cause redness and dryness – ultimately making skin look and feel worse. Why would anyone put synthetic products on their skin?!

I truly believe in the power of nature and benefits of natural ingredients.

Going natural doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In fact, I think you get better quality products that not only make you look good, but also contribute to your wellbeing.

What are some of your best-selling products that customers are loving?

Our award-winning Luxurious Face Cream feels soft and beautiful on your skin whilst at the same time working hard to rejuvenate your radiant glow. It’s on everyone’s shopping list together with our Invigorating Body Scrub which is enriched with antioxidant rich MATCHA to improve skin elasticity and essential oils to instantly soften and hydrate your skin.

I’m currently looking for brand ambassadors all around Australia, which is something your audience may be interested in. If you are a natural warrior and think you have what it takes, contact me.

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