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“What seems like many moons ago now, I was lucky enough to go on the trip of a lifetime. Six weeks travelling around Europe. Overall, it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, very early on in the trip, my parents and I got a very bad bout of food poisoning in Athens, Greece. After a few very long days, we felt better and continued enjoying our holiday.

While I didn’t realise it at the time because I was too busy enjoying the best sights Europe had to offer, my digestion has never been the same since that trip. Reality is, there’s probably a bigger picture to factor in as to why my digestion was impacted so horrendously, while my parents haven’t had any issues since. I remember going back to work after being recently promoted and struggling horribly – the stomach pain was so bad that I recall feeling like I was going to pass out on the first or second day back at work. While the pain subsided, I was still experiencing horrible, odd movements in my stomach and everything I ate seemed to go through me (I’ll avoid being any more graphic than that).

After trying to struggle through, I finally accepted something was wrong and went off to see a GP. Without running any tests, the GP said I had IBS after asking a few questions and suggested I try Iberogast. I didn’t realise at the time that this wasn’t the standard process for diagnosis IBS – I simply trusted the GP. I tried the Iberogast and it didn’t work. So I went to another GP and they ordered stool tests. I was soon called back into the medical centre and told the tests had found the blastocystis hominis parasite in my sample. I was then prescribed two rounds of Flagyl. It seemed to work… until my symptoms came back with a bang while I was at a work conference interstate.

Between that point and seeing Ange for the first time, I had visited dieticians, nutritionists, had gut microbiome testing, tried the FODMAP diet, gut hypnotherapy… I was desperate because whatever I had was impacting my life considerably. And then I stumbled across a digestive naturopath online – the Digestive Detective (aka Ange) – and began working with her via Zoom. Given I have my own business and often juggle multiple jobs/contracts, that was really convenient and to be honest, it felt no different than if I were in the same room as Ange.

It’s now been a few years since I first saw Ange and I can confidently say, she’s been able to help me the most out of everyone with my digestion issues. My digestion still isn’t 100% but my quality of life is so much better than when I first started working with Ange. Certain things are still hard – flying interstate for work, sitting in all day meetings, early starts… but I can now mostly manage and work my way through them. It’s hard but I am determined not to let my digestion issues rule my life.

Ange has been incredibly patient with me at times and has looked at my entire lifestyle – from environmental factors, to what I am putting in my body in terms of food/drink, to my stress levels, supplements/herbs that may help me and so on. It wasn’t too long ago that after eating, I’d be in a considerable amount of pain – I am happy to say that I can now enjoy food again.

I am still working on my digestion being 100%, as it was once upon a time. For the first time in a very long time, I believe it’s possible. Especially given Ange has been so supportive and is always only just an email away (and trust me, I have come up with some odd questions over the last few years).

If you’re reading this and experiencing digestive issues, unfortunately, I can’t tell you that you’re likely to discover the solution overnight or that there is a quick fix that’ll take your woes away immediately. What I can confidently share is that if you work with Ange and commit to following her advice, with patience and time, your quality of life will vastly improve.”

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