Fruit, sweet, sour delectable. Oh, I could go on and on.

Poor fruit has been demonised since the rise of Paleo and other diets.

It has been labeled too high in sugar, too many calories, likely to give you diabetes, blah, blah, blah.

Most Aussies don’t manage to get the recommended two serves a day. I am sure other countries have this trend as well. People are frightened of fruit and what it will do to them.

The benefits far outweigh the risk of high calories, gives you diabetes worry that people have.

Fruits are a complete package. If they were a potential partner they would be a ten!

They have a vast array of vitamins and minerals which you will never find in a processed food item. We need these vitamins and minerals to ensure the proper functioning of our body’s.

They are loaded with fibre which helps our digestive health. The fibre keeps us fuller longer and it has a gentle laxative effect.

All fruits are high in antioxidants which help us lower inflammation as well as to protect us from disease and cancers, plus boost our immune system.

Fruit is best eaten in its whole form so if the skin is edible, eat it, especially kiwi fruit. The skin serves a dual purpose. Kiwi fruit skin triples the fibre intake and preserves the majority of the vitamin C. Eating the skin if they are edible gives you the perfect pick up and go snack, no waste whole food. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

How much fruit is too much?
Between 2-3 serves per day depending on your circumstances is more than enough to enjoy the health benefits that they offer. Ensure you eat seasonally and mix up the variety you eat. Remember gut bugs love diversity. Eating the rainbow of colours gives you a varied array of the phytochemicals so you can get maximum benefit for your health.

Fruits can be heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides so take that into consideration when you buy them. Buy organic for the softer fruit that may be affected by this. If you have a Farmers Market, ask the farmer directly what they are using on their produce. You can have a quick read here.

So come on people, let’s bring back the fruit!

Your body will thank you.

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