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What your poo says about your health

Poo its something we all do but unless you are a 7 year old boy you rarely talk about it. It is a terrific indicator of what is happening with your health. Your number two is not only the left overs from the food we have eaten but much much more. You need to get it out of your body as its filled with toxic [...]

What your poo says about your health2022-03-14T20:53:32+11:00

Bring Back the Fruit

Fruit, sweet, sour delectable. Oh, I could go on and on. Poor fruit has been demonised since the rise of Paleo and other diets. It has been labeled too high in sugar, too many calories, likely to give you diabetes, blah, blah, blah. Most Aussies don't manage to get the recommended two serves a day. I am sure other countries have this trend as well. [...]

Bring Back the Fruit2022-03-14T20:47:59+11:00

Bum Itchy? Could be worms

Threadworm-Enterobius vermicularis Threadworms are the most common helminth (worm) to infect humans. In fact humans are the only host this worm has for reproduction. We ingest their eggs. The eggs hatch in the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract and the larvae become mature worms in the small intestines. We can become infected with these worms through various ways; They can be ingested through contaminated water [...]

Bum Itchy? Could be worms2022-03-14T20:54:25+11:00

Self Care: Why you need it.

The definition of self care is: an activity you can do voluntarily which helps you maintain your mental, physical and emotional health. It can make you feel healthy, relaxed and ready to take on new responsibilities. Most of us see self care as a selfish pursuit. How can we care for others when we are not being fulfilled. Self care should not be seen as [...]

Self Care: Why you need it.2022-03-14T20:57:15+11:00

5 Second Rule- Are you doing this?

Have you ever been cooking or preparing food and dropped it on the floor? Do you believe in the 5 second rule or do you throw the food away? In September 2016 there was a 2 year study from microbiologists from Rutger University in New Jersey. This study concluded, 5 second rule or not, the food you pick up from the floor will have bacteria [...]

5 Second Rule- Are you doing this?2022-03-14T20:58:21+11:00

Natural Skin Care: Interview with Mel Dee from Embalm Skincare

Please could you tell me a bit about yourself and your business? Once upon time, women knew the value of self-care. Taking not just moments, but time to nurture, nourish and care for their body, mind and soul. Deeply connected to the world around them these women would gather the goodness of nature to blend exquisite beauty treatments. This has changed today, with the world [...]

Natural Skin Care: Interview with Mel Dee from Embalm Skincare2022-03-14T20:59:14+11:00

Choc Chip Hazelnut Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies how can they get any better? Make them gluten free of course! Being gluten free can be a drag when it comes to baking. The ingredients that replace gluten generally are not that great for you blood sugar so when I found a recipe that was quick, not too many ingredients,  I was hooked. These are nutty and delicious and they [...]

Choc Chip Hazelnut Cookies2022-03-14T21:00:12+11:00

How Stress Affects Your Health

Hippocrates said ‘All disease begins in the gut’. Stress creates physiological changes in our bodies. Our body reverts back to its primitive instincts. Should it fight or should it flee? This instinct sets about a chain reaction. When there is stress your blood pressure goes up, your heart beats faster. Your body shunts blood away from your digestive area and into your arms and legs [...]

How Stress Affects Your Health2022-03-14T21:01:27+11:00

Gallbladder Health: Everything you need to know.

The gallbladder is a pear shaped organ that lies below the liver. It stores and concentrates bile that the liver makes. After eating a meal which contains fat, the liver and gallbladder are stimulated to release bile. Between meals the gallbladder concentrates bile. The bile emulsifies the fat, cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins and breaks them into microscopic pieces. If your gallbladder is not [...]

Gallbladder Health: Everything you need to know.2022-03-14T21:03:48+11:00

Gastro-Oespohageal Reflux Disease(GORD)

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) or as it’s more commonly known heartburn/reflux. Its a condition which develops when the contents of your stomach make their way back into your oesophagus. You will know if this happens as you get a burning sensation behind your breastbone. It causes a burning sensation, pain and regurgitation. There is a sphincter between the oesophagus and your stomach called the lower [...]

Gastro-Oespohageal Reflux Disease(GORD)2022-03-14T21:05:07+11:00
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